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Vandita Shrivastava is a Bollywood Actress who has featured in Hindi Commercial Films. She is also an Entrepreneur and is based in Mumbai.

Vandita comes from an Army background.

She cares about causes like Animal Welfare, Environment & Global Warming, Indian Youth

During her B.Com, she also pursued an IT course and is a certified Web Developer. After which she did her Masters in Business Administration and later worked with a few Multinational companies. Along with her job, she also pursued LLB. Later she began getting offers for Films, TV, Modelling and she began her new journey into showbiz.

Since school days till her post graduation, she actively participated in all social and cultural activities and was passionate about music, Art, Dance, Debates, Poetry & Sports. She is a Yellow Belt in Karate and learned Kathak for a few years. She played Basketball, Badminton & Swimming. In school, she was into inter-school competitions in Racing, Long Jumps, Karate, Painting & Craftwork and Intra-School Debates, Elocutions. She was the Economics & Literature topper during her post graduation.

She aspires to live her journey through expression of art and contribute to society through performing arts and by working on some social cases. 

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